søndag 10. november 2013

A little bit of organizing goes a long way...

... yes indeed!! Oh how i hated the bottom of my store shelf, cluttered with my flats. I never bothered to look for any shoes. So i decided to give my shoes a newer and better home from this :

to this :

Same goes with my jewellery. It was put away in jewellery boxes, i'm such a last minute person that i never had time to go through the boxes to match the jewellery with the dress.

I love wearing earings. They are so practical and make a simple outfit look so pretty if you are wearing some matching studs. I have a handful of earings which i had crammed up in a small jewllery box, like this:

Not practical for sure! Hard to find the pair in this small box, so i bought a cheap storage box from ebay and decorated it a bit and put the earings to be available easily when i needed them. Very handy now, nothing gets mixed up. 

Some oraganizing done with my masala storage.

Hope you enjoyed my storage, and space management ideas. This blog post has been saved as draft since months, finally up for publishing. Told you i was lazy! :)