søndag 10. november 2013

A little bit of organizing goes a long way...

... yes indeed!! Oh how i hated the bottom of my store shelf, cluttered with my flats. I never bothered to look for any shoes. So i decided to give my shoes a newer and better home from this :

to this :

Same goes with my jewellery. It was put away in jewellery boxes, i'm such a last minute person that i never had time to go through the boxes to match the jewellery with the dress.

I love wearing earings. They are so practical and make a simple outfit look so pretty if you are wearing some matching studs. I have a handful of earings which i had crammed up in a small jewllery box, like this:

Not practical for sure! Hard to find the pair in this small box, so i bought a cheap storage box from ebay and decorated it a bit and put the earings to be available easily when i needed them. Very handy now, nothing gets mixed up. 

Some oraganizing done with my masala storage.

Hope you enjoyed my storage, and space management ideas. This blog post has been saved as draft since months, finally up for publishing. Told you i was lazy! :)

fredag 13. september 2013

First birthday

It was only yesterday that i had my baby boy. He was so tiny and fragile weighing only 2.5 kilos when he was placed in my arms. But look at him now he is 11 kgs and strong and with a personality MA. He is one year MA. Time sure flies!!

I didnt want a grand birthday as i believe kids so small dont remember how their birthdays were. But i wanted to have it special for pictures and memories sake, after all first birthdays are special. I started planning about 1.5 months ago. Since he dont have any favourites at this age, i decided to go with a colour theme, so i chose blue, green and turquiose colours.

I started off with an invite in green and blue hues. Didnt print it though just e-mailed and Whatsapp'ed it to the people we were inviting over. It worked good.

Then i started planning how to decorate the living room. Collected the blue green streamers, balloons and tabler covers. Printed and designed some decorative stuff. I wanted to bake the cake myself but its been a while since i have baked, so decided against it. I looked around a lot for an affordable and good cake, wanted something that looked as well as tested good too. I have tasted caked that looked absolutely stunning with aweful taste. So whoever i contacted i specifically asked if they can have both good taste and looks. I finally settled with Amani cakes. She charged half what others quoted me. The cake looked pretty the way i wanted except i thought he colours were a bit dull, i had asked for a bright blue, green turquise color and the cake colours wee on a lighter side. Nevertheless it was good looking and tasted DELICIOUS! It was soft and moist and melt-in-your –mouth kind of experience. Would definitely be ordering from her again.

Enough of talking, lets head over to the moments from the birthday. Enjoy! :-)

torsdag 4. juli 2013

Back to work!

So after almost 1 year of being away from work I’m back to work! Gosh so much has changed during this one year. I rememeber i was pregnant this time last year. Now i am a mother of a 10 months old! It was great to wakeup to his lovely smile, I miss that badly since i leave him asleep when i leave home in the morning. Good thing is i’m only working 80% which is 6 hours a day, I start at 8am and is home by 3 pm. This gives me the oppertunity to be home early, be less stressed and spend more time with my baby, this overweighs the less pay i get in the end.

I am liking this change of routine, of getting ready each morning and meeting people. Baby still hasnt found a place at kindergarten, so we will take turns in taking care of him until he finds a spot. For now his dadi and nani are there for him.


I know i have been extremely lazy in updating n this blog. But we have guests staying over and i’m extremely busy with that. Hope to be more active. Smilefjes

søndag 17. mars 2013

Baby turned half a year

Baby turned 6 months last week mashAllah, so we are kind of celebrated his half Birthday this weekend. Baba was a bit against it but I don't see any harm in celebrating that your child is growing up healthy. Each to their own. But still we bought a cake, I made apple cinnamon cupcakes, baba blew up the balloons and invited our near and dear ones. I'm forever thankful to Allah for this little bundle of joy in our lives, so why not just take this as an excuse to celebrate it with a cake  :)
Happy half year birthday Mama's jaan.
Kisses and prayers your way, may you live long and healthy <3

mandag 18. februar 2013

DIY: Painted vase

My husband brought me really pretty long stemmed gerbera flowers for valentine. I had no long vase to put them in and didn't want to cut the stem either. That led me to a quick DIY. I had an empty olive oil bottle at hand. I scrubbed away the sticker on it, washed and dried it. Then spray painted it, it was done and dried in 2 hours and voila we had a lovely white flower vase especially for gerbera's.

Hope you like it :) 


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Travel: Pakistan

Me, husband and my son went to  Pakistan to meet our family and to spend our vacations there. I must say i loved being here, there is no place like Pakistan no matter where i go in the world. It was my sons first visit to Pakistan meeting his fathers side of the family. His grandmother was overwhelmed to meet her grandson.

We ate out everyday, a thing we miss being in a foreign country with less Halal restaurants.  We tried all the new and old restaurants we could. KFC, MiKong have lowered their food quality. Rahat bakers aka Tehzeeb bakers was upto the mark as always with slightly higher prices, but i really enjoyed their pizza and chocolate mousse. Also loved the cafe Chaye Kahan in Islamabad and Monal in Peer Sohawa.  I shouldn't really complain that i've gained all this weight.

We went to Lahore for a few days. But mostly stayed in Rawalpindi. I did a lot of shopping, mostly dresses and jewellery. Bought some stuff for home like bed sheets, curtains, and some kitchen stuff.

All in all it was a  wonderful trip with lots of good memories.

 Yummy desi food (Monal Restaurant)

 Monal Restaurant Peer Sohawa

 Yummy doodh patti from Chaye Khana 

Kiddies enjoying their cake

My Pakistan is beautiful isn't it?


torsdag 14. februar 2013

♥♥ Spread the love ♥♥

Happy valentine's day to all. Although i dont really celebrate it. I believe everyday is a day for love, we cant restrict ourselves to a single day to show it. But it doesnt hurt to express our feelings on this day.

Husby surprised me with beautiful flowers. So sweet of him to be so thoughtful ♥ 

onsdag 13. februar 2013

5 Random things about me!

I'm going to jot some random things about me, more for myself than anyone. We know what and who we are, but writing them down just makes a little bit more sense and helps us understand who we reallllly are.

1. I have a short memory. I tend to forget certain things and details, which is rather embarrassing at times.
2. I am a lazy ass. I want to do lots of things during the day, but cant manage to do much. Then i put off it for tomorrow and obviously cant finish it up.
3. I sometimes blurt things out, things i shouldn't say.
4. Public speaking is one of my fears. Not that i have never spoken to a relatively bigger audience, but i would rather not do it.
5. I'm craving for a tight hug from my little one :)

Here they are. Just some random facts. Might as well start a series on it.

Drama Queen Mum

mandag 21. januar 2013

Weight check!!!

eeeekkk i'm getting bigger and bigger day by day :S I'm about 10 kg overweight. Not good i know. I was in control after the baby but then i ate like crazy, i'm a sucker for desserts and sweets and thats where things went wrong. I neeeeed to be motivated big time.

What can be a good exercise/ diet plan with a 4 month old baby?