torsdag 22. desember 2011

***Highlights of 2011 ***

This is going to be the last post for 2011 as i am leaving for holidays tomorrow and wont be blogging while away. The year 2011 has proven to be a good one because of number of reasons.  Let me just highlight them.
  1. Started my year as a married woman (which was more good than bad)
  2. Went to Greece with my husband and sister
  3. Went to Venice with my hubby, which was the best trip with him ever. Cherish every moment of it. 
  4. Fulfilled my passion for photography by doing some paid weddings and shoots. Which i'm very proud of  :) 
  5. Had an awesome summer full of late night outings, picnics and sun.
  6. AD got a much awaited job
  7. Had many blissfull times with my AD
  8. Finally ending the year by a trip to Dubai. So looking forward to it

Hope to have an awesome 2012 for myself and everyone.  Happy new year folks!!!

Drama Queen

tirsdag 20. desember 2011

Cupcake passion!!

I like everything sweet and pretty, and cupcakes are both sweet and pretty. No?
I recently discvered my passion for cupcakes. Since everyone was baking these i HAD to do it too. Who would not love cupcakes and who doesnt are doing a sin in my humble opinion. You can decorate them with different coloured frosting and mini frosting figures. I havent tried making the figures yet.
I’m not a cooking person but baking, sure. Maybe this blog will help me in learning to cook and share the food pictures and recipies.. we will see.

mandag 19. desember 2011

Wiiiiiiide angel lens!!

Oh yes! Thats right, i bought a super wide angel lens Canon 16-35mm L  f 2.8 Smilefjes   The body i use is Canon 5D MII, imagine the super wideness its gonna deliver.  I’m going to use it on my trip to Dubai. Its great for landscapes,  portrait and even indoors because of the focal length 2.8.

mandag 5. desember 2011

Counting days....

.... till 8 days vacations in Dubai- a complete heaven (no doubt)! We were there last year in December 2010 for our honeymoon. It was a total bliss. The shopping malls, the high rise buildings, the FOOD, the clean roads. I wasnt expecting Dubai to be even close to being perfect BUT it was/is. I was more than excited when we decided to book our winter vacations for dubai in October. My inlaws will be coming over to Dubai too, which will make it an even better trip.

A little info of the  trip last year. We stayed at Grosvenor House which was located in Marina. It is rated at #1 in trip advisor. The hotel was no doubt a high standard and met our expectations. We were picked up from the airport by the concierge in a nice BMW. The room was pleasantly decorated, with beautiful Marina, Atlantis, Burj Arab view from our 40th floor. The breakfast was extensive and fulfilling. Dubai itself proved to be a great attraction both at night and during the day. To name a few, we highly enjoyed the Desert safari, the water taxi ride in bur dubai, the emirates mall, Medinat jummairah etc.

For some reason we didnt manage to visit a few places last year, but they are in the list this time :)