torsdag 22. desember 2011

***Highlights of 2011 ***

This is going to be the last post for 2011 as i am leaving for holidays tomorrow and wont be blogging while away. The year 2011 has proven to be a good one because of number of reasons.  Let me just highlight them.
  1. Started my year as a married woman (which was more good than bad)
  2. Went to Greece with my husband and sister
  3. Went to Venice with my hubby, which was the best trip with him ever. Cherish every moment of it. 
  4. Fulfilled my passion for photography by doing some paid weddings and shoots. Which i'm very proud of  :) 
  5. Had an awesome summer full of late night outings, picnics and sun.
  6. AD got a much awaited job
  7. Had many blissfull times with my AD
  8. Finally ending the year by a trip to Dubai. So looking forward to it

Hope to have an awesome 2012 for myself and everyone.  Happy new year folks!!!

Drama Queen

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