mandag 2. januar 2012

2012 resolutions

Since i am in the mood to write so why not write about my resolutions for this year. Maybe writing things down will make my mind more focussed and help me in being a bettre person:
  1. First and the foremost, i want to be able to pray regularly. Deep down i know i'm doing wrong by not getting up for the prayer but thats how it is. I KNOW IT i have to do it, i have no choice. !!
  2. Go to gym atleast twice a week. Get rid of extra fat!
  3. Take care of myself, my diet, hair, makeup, home.
  4. Indulge more in cooking. Learn to enjoy and love cooking. 
  5. Stay happy
  6. Be a positive person
  7. Be strong 
  8. Travel more
  9. Read more books
  10. Have a better relationship with my other half
  11. And blog more :) 

Thats all i can think of right now. 

Drama Queen

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