tirsdag 3. januar 2012


While its raining outside, i'm sitting on the couch and watching 'single white female' and thought why not upload some pictures from trip to Dubai. I'll keep updating this post as i sort the pics out.

Things to do and see in Dubai:

  1. Eating out! Eat till you drop!
  2. Shopping. You will find the worlds brands all in one place in the malls. Didnt see Primark though :P
  3. Dubai mall, Emirates mall, Ibne Batutta mall are worth visiting.
  4. Visit Medinat Jumairah, very nice place made in the old Arab architecture, with numerous restaurants around it and the view to the Burj Arab.
  5. I did the cruise in Marina, which was a nice experience. 
  6. Gold souk for gold jewellery
  7. Top of burj Khalifa, the worlds tallest building (we didnt do it)
  8. Dancing fountains at the dubai mall/burj khalifa. 
  9. Do visit the beach.
  10. Taxis are very cheap there, so rely on them

Medinat Jumairah, Atlantis (Palm island), 
Marina, Marina cruise (From top left to right)

Drama Queen 

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