tirsdag 13. mai 2014

Travel: Warsaw

I love travelling. If i had the opportunity to just go and spend a few days in another city, country wherever, i would do it. But i cannot leave my little boy just like that. My mum and husband were too kind this time to giving me the chance to go away for a few days with my friends to Warsaw Poland, while they took care of my son. So i owe it to them for all the fun i had there.

Why we chose Warsaw: it's very cheap there (or thats what we thought). The return plane ticket with Ryan air was about 50 pounds and the hotel stay at 5 star Marriott was about 50 pounds for two nights.

The check-in was very late at 22 pm although we reached the hotel at 14 pm, so we were upgraded to an executive room, with free internet and access to executive lounge with dinner. Ahhhmazing. The staff was super friendly and helpful. This was the view from our room window.

The first day we went to the old town, did the horse carriage ride and ate at an italian restaurant. I always have adored the small older parts of european cities, they take you back to a different era.

It was very windy and cold, so when we got off from the carriage ride we went to a cafe we found in the narrow streets. It was called the shabby chic cafe. It was run by some girls and they had put so much thought and love in decorating it, that we felt at home in there.

The next day we went to the Rising museum (http://www.1944.pl/), showcasing the pieces of history from the world war II. Its a highly recommended place for anyone visiting warsaw and for anyone intersted in the WW2.  Didnt take any pictures there as it was pretty dark in it. Their system was down so we got free entry.  Later we had  lunch at a Bali restaurant where i had food served in half a pineapple.

Then we did some shopping at an enormous shopping mall złote tarasy which was located opposite our hotel. I was a little dissappointed that although there was a lot of shops and brands, there wasnt much selection. I still bought a few pieces for my son just for the sake of buying something. The prices were pretty much same as where i live so i will not exactly call it very cheap. However, its cheap in terms of food and grocceries.  After that we did some much deserved pampering. Had a haircut, colouring, hair mask and styling. I paid 100 pounds for this all, pretty reasonable i would say. Also did pedicure from the marriott  hotel spa. Very satisfied with everyting. We also watched the movie 'the other woman' at the zloty tarasy cinema. Not a great movie, but a fun one to enjoy with your girlfriends.

Third day we checked out and decided to go to a famous park, but it started raining so we changed our mind and went for lunch instead. Thats pretty much all what we did there. All in all it was a great trip with my friends.

Its not and extensive guide to what to do in Warsaw, we wee there just to have fun, relax and get away from our pretty hectic life for a while. Thats why we stayed calm and didnt rush to see places.

Hope you enjoyed the post :)

torsdag 20. mars 2014

First day at Kindergarten!

Baby had his first day at kindergarten yesterday. Woke up at 8 am, had breakfast, got ready and did a quick shoot. Its been a while since i took pictures of him with my SLR, i'm usually shooting everyday moments with my iphone. He got a warm welcome when we got to the KG. His drawers and cupboards were marked with his name. He instantly mixed up with the
eight kids in his group. They played, sang nursery rhymes and danced. But since it was his first day, we stayed only 2 hours, and then it was time to get back home. 

Looking forward to many more good days at kindergarten and a happy baby!


torsdag 13. mars 2014

Good news!

My baby finally finally yes finally got a place in kindergarten! After waiting 7 months. We applied when he was just 4 months old and now he is 18 months. We are super excited, i even took him to his kindergarten yesterday and he really enjoyed, although his first day is next week on the 19th March. It is a weird system here that the child should be one year on 30th August to have a place at kindergarten, but my baby was born after 30 August therefore he lost the chance to be given a place at KG when he filled one year. so we waited.. patiently!

We are delighted ! Cant express in words. The kindergarten is just infront of our apartment, how convinient! More than anything, i am looking forward to a routine. Baby was never tired enough to sleep at 7 pm, and usually slept pretty late which was exhausting for us. In addition to that i was working 60% and work people were not very happy with that. So now i can work 80%, can start gym, can socialize more. Can basically feel alive again! Hahaha ..  I'm not the kind of mom to home school my kid and be SAHM until they are 4 years. No i cannot live like that. SO yea you can imagine how excited i am. It will be good for baby too. I literally hugged random kids on the street, he is so ready to play with other kids and make friendships.

Will be updating more hopefully!

A little hello to all these people who are checking out my blog from Russia, Canada, UK  ;)