torsdag 13. mars 2014

Good news!

My baby finally finally yes finally got a place in kindergarten! After waiting 7 months. We applied when he was just 4 months old and now he is 18 months. We are super excited, i even took him to his kindergarten yesterday and he really enjoyed, although his first day is next week on the 19th March. It is a weird system here that the child should be one year on 30th August to have a place at kindergarten, but my baby was born after 30 August therefore he lost the chance to be given a place at KG when he filled one year. so we waited.. patiently!

We are delighted ! Cant express in words. The kindergarten is just infront of our apartment, how convinient! More than anything, i am looking forward to a routine. Baby was never tired enough to sleep at 7 pm, and usually slept pretty late which was exhausting for us. In addition to that i was working 60% and work people were not very happy with that. So now i can work 80%, can start gym, can socialize more. Can basically feel alive again! Hahaha ..  I'm not the kind of mom to home school my kid and be SAHM until they are 4 years. No i cannot live like that. SO yea you can imagine how excited i am. It will be good for baby too. I literally hugged random kids on the street, he is so ready to play with other kids and make friendships.

Will be updating more hopefully!

A little hello to all these people who are checking out my blog from Russia, Canada, UK  ;) 

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