onsdag 13. februar 2013

5 Random things about me!

I'm going to jot some random things about me, more for myself than anyone. We know what and who we are, but writing them down just makes a little bit more sense and helps us understand who we reallllly are.

1. I have a short memory. I tend to forget certain things and details, which is rather embarrassing at times.
2. I am a lazy ass. I want to do lots of things during the day, but cant manage to do much. Then i put off it for tomorrow and obviously cant finish it up.
3. I sometimes blurt things out, things i shouldn't say.
4. Public speaking is one of my fears. Not that i have never spoken to a relatively bigger audience, but i would rather not do it.
5. I'm craving for a tight hug from my little one :)

Here they are. Just some random facts. Might as well start a series on it.

Drama Queen Mum

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