onsdag 26. oktober 2011

Book Review: Beautiful

Ive been reading this book 'Beautiful' by Katie Piper. Its a very inspirational book full of emotions, and that's what i like about reading books. It starts off with a story of a village born girl in England, who moves to London to pursue modeling and dreams of being a celebrity.The story tells about her struggle to fame and the posh life she lived while doing shows and modeling in London, and how she met a guy and clicked with him. The boyfriend being too good to be true rang bells to her when he started being clingy and overly possessive about her. Its hard to believe how he eventually raped her and made someone throw acid on her face. The account from here onwards is too heart wrenching that i cried countless times on her helplessness.

Its a true story of bravery. Very predictable. A wannabe model, falls in love, gets raped, face ruined by acid, and the phases and emotions of recovery- BUT still a very good emotional read which is bound to make you cry and thankful for what you are.

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