torsdag 16. august 2012

35 Weeks Update

Lets start off with a picture of belly growth progress

I am pretty big now at 35 weeks compared to 11 weeks, but i still feel i could have been a bit bigger looking at the belly pics in babycenter.

Cravings:  Nothing really! I am having more nausea now. Little smells make me gag!!! Not fun i tell you.

Sleep: My feet and hands have started to swell a little, this makes my body itch. I can't sleep because of the need to scratch off me skin. Somedays are great, i instantly fall asleep and sleep for straight 12 hours!!! But some days, I'm awake until 6 am. This will pass, but wil more sleep issues :)

Weight:  I am 73.2 kg at the moment.

Fetal movement: My baby is so active, he is constantly moving around that it gets painful. He kicks on my bladder and ribs and i jump with pain. eeeeek .. but yes its very comforting to see he is doing fine.

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