onsdag 19. september 2012

09/09/2012 - My birth story! :)

I delivered my baby on 9th september, 10 days before the due date. My precious boy is here with me now to keep me occupied day and night.

My water broke on 8th September at 8 am. I was having contractions about 20 mins apart. We went to hospital and the asked us to either go home or walk downstairs for 2-3 hours until the contractions are closer and they will monitor me again. So i stayed at the hospital and walked and climbed the stairs etc. Nothing much changed .. the contractions were not regular. I was sent home. I had a horrible night that day. The contractions were painful and i screamed through them. At 4 am on Sunday morning i couldnt stand the pain any longer and went to the hospital again. They checked and said the contractions were 8 mins apart, should be 3 mins apart. Sent me home again with pain killers. uffff... Once home i screamed and cried, the pain killers helped me relax a bit. But we went again at 11 am. They took me straight to the labor room and checked how dialated my cervix was, it was 3 cm. Loooooong way to go. I stayed in that bed until 16 pm, and so far i was 5 cm. It was taking too long and the pain was getting unbearable. I had my husband and my mother beside me. A great support and company. I hit and cursed my husband through the contractions, poor guy. Love him to bits. We cried together, we laughed, and screamed together. At 16 i decided to get epidural as there was not much progress. So i got the epidural and then things got better. Thank god!!!! By 20 pm i was 9 cm dialated. The effect of epidural started wearing off, and the midwife was not increasing the dosage, she said i need to feel the pain to push. And so i was in pain again for the next 1-2 hours. Around 21 pm i feltthe urge to puch and i pushed when the midwife told me to. At this point i was too tired and saw no progress. But i was actually progressing. I pushed and pushed through each contraction. Before the last couple of pushes i was given an episiotomy cut and there came the baby with the last final push! My brave husband cut the cord.

They placed him on me covered in his amniotic fluid stuff. I was crying and happy not because the baby was here, but because it was over and i can finally breath normally. My husband and mum were crying hearing the baby cry. Later he was cleaned and measured and we were given some food to fill our empty stomach.

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