mandag 3. oktober 2016

Me time!

I just need my me time! Every single day! I will compromise on my sleep but not on my time. Entirely for myself and dont even try to ruin it!

After the kids go to bed, i utter a sigh of relief! yes another day gone by and the most important time is about to start. My time for myself. I like to watch movies or surf  or read a book. Occasionally i enjoy a cup of chai latte.  For two straight hours i do whatever i want to do or do nothing at all. This keeps me going day in and day out.

With two kids and work and home, it gets too tiring to focus and keep your mood in  check. I beleive its important that you spare some time for yourself where you do as you desire. It doesnt have to be long 30 mins, an hour  or whatever you can manage.

Do it. It helps!

Drama Queen

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