torsdag 24. mai 2012

23 weeks!

How Far Along: 23 weeks and 5 days
Size of Baby: 11 1/2 inches (about the size of a large mango) and just over one pound.

Cravings: Strawberries, apple milkshake
Sleep: I am sleeping like a baby!!! well somedays are bad. Having leg cramps in the middle of the night but again i fall asleep. 
Sex of Baby: A beautiful baby boy!!! IA 
Weight Gain: I haven't gained much weight as i thought i would. I started off at 66kg before conceiving, dropped the weight to 62 in the first trimester and haven't gained much since then. Right now it 68. Which is only 2 kg more than the actual weight i had. Good ? Bad? No idea... but I'm being more careful in what i eat so i stay healthy with a good weight gain. 
Names: Top name- Kamil :) Meaning perfection. 
Symptoms: Back pain, leg cramps, pelvic pain and pressure that it become very hard for me to walk. Have taken a weeks sick leave and resting all day, feeling much better now. 
Fetal Movement: He is moving mostly when i wake up in the morning , when I'm lying down in the sun and resting and when i go to bed to sleep. And these are not just movements, they are strong kicks.. hehehe 

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