torsdag 14. juni 2012

26 weeks + 5 days

Yups thats how far i have come. Last week my baby suddenly stopped moving for two days, so i went to my doctor to have a look and put my fears are ease. But thank god everything was alright, and since then he has been jumping around. I am also beginning to get really big and i’m loving it!


97 days to go!
We also got a bigger 5 room apartment that we wanted so bad. Packing the stuff and winding things up are in the process. We shift on July 1st.
We move from this:
Inntatte skjermbilder1
to this:
Inntatte skjermbilder

So many things are coming up. Like this shifting, my sisters pre wedding girls party, my cousins birthday, and my husbands friend and his wife are coming over for a few days. After that a month long fasting. By then summer will be up and my baby will be soon ready to greet the world.


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