onsdag 27. juni 2012

28 Weeks + 3 days

Cravings:  strawberries all the way!
Sleep: Not sleeping well this week, mostly im tossing around in the bed. Either because of being cold or being too hot. Having weird dreams. Changing sides is a big chore, as i have pain in my pelvis mostly when i lie down. 2 more days to go then i’ll be on three weeks holidays starting from 1st July. I need that desperately to be more relaxed.
Weight:  I am 70 kg at the moment.
Names:  Ok so we had to give up on the name Kamil. Why, because only one change in alphabet will make it Kamel, which means camel. My father thinks he maybe bullied in school by his name and kids will call him Kamel. And i dont want him to be bullied in any way. So yes right now we have other names in the list like Rayyan, Amaan, Eshaan. Lets see which one gets chosen. Out of these i personally like Rayyan.
Fetal movement: The baby lovesssssssss to move! He is moving all the time now. I can even feel the movement while sitting or walking, which i couldnt before. Thats good Smilefjes 
Negatives:  I ve had diarrhea since a week so quitting vitamins, minerals and iron for a week on midwifes recommendation to see if it helps with the diarrhea. Also feeling sick and nausea in the morning, often end up in gagging or throwing up.
Looking forward to:  moving to our new apartment. Three weeks of holidays. Turning 30 weeks pregnant. My sisters pre wedding party.

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